Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday afternoon with Bails

I just got back from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts, where I went a little crazy.

It's okay, because I mostly bought cheap or clearance items.

I was on a primary hunt for cross stitch materials, and a secondary hunt for beading materials.

Here's the thing with cross stitch. I love doing it. It's colorful, soothing, metric, etc. But a lot of cross stitch patterns out there are so grandmotherish and tacky.

Now, I am rather grandmotherish myself, as well as, on occasion, tacky. But when I finish a project, I never really know if someone will want it as a gift.

Today I decided to embrace the tackiness. I picked out one full price item, and then I found the clearance stuff. Oh boy did I get some tacky items (as well as some that could actually be decent gifts, depending on how young or forgiving the recipient may be). I ended up putting the full price item back, as I had amassed quite a few sale pieces to keep me occupied for some time yet.

Before I continue with my story, a sampling of what I bought:

I think this one needs to be hung up in the office cubicle.

Fun fact: my dad calls me Bling Bling. I'm not entirely sure why. He came up with the nickname around the time he was still carting me to my job, before I had my own car; I thought maybe it was because I was earning money?? You know, independent woman, making money to buy bling? It later occurred to me it might be because of my initals. I could put my journalistic skills to work here and solve the mystery, but meh--why ruin the fun?

(Meanwhile, back at Jo-Ann's) My goods were all packed up for me at the register in a brown paper sack, instead of something with the company name on it. I walked to the parking lot looking like I had just purchased some spirits and cigs. With my stitchery contraband, I imagined a run-in with law enforcement.

"Remain calm, Officer. It's just embroidery floss and beading thread in here. Nothing to see here, folks. You need to confiscate the threading needles? All right, that's fine. They came with the kits anyway, and I have more at home. This little thing that says "KOOL KAT"? Yes, under 5 dollars. Right inside there, go all the way to the back of the store, toward the left. I think I grabbed the last one, but you might get lucky and find another. Uh huh, you have a nice afternoon, too."

Am I excited about all my tacky crafting contraband?

You bet your bottom clearance dollar I am.


  1. I don't what else to say except AWESOME! <3

    1. :) I totally thought of you, dear, when I was walking inside the store!

  2. I love Joann's and Hobby Lobby and Michaels! I worked at a Michael's actually for about 6 months until I finally realized I spent my entire check there every week! But I loved that 30 percent discount! : ) My next project is homemade Halloween costumes for the boys! Yeah buddy!

    1. can't wait to see pictures! i have great memories of my mom making our costumes as kids! xoxox