Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have been pretty lazy -- physically exercise speaking -- since moving to SoCal.

I've gone for some runs, some walks. But...meh. Not a whole bunch of working out.

Yet curiously -- oh so curiously -- I often find myself stopping to glance in the mirror at the surprisingly fit nature of my arms these days.

I've really got nothin' to explain this. I mean, I certainly can't say the same for my stummy.* Perhaps I'm doing push ups in my sleep?

If you know me semi- to quite well, you know that I have quite strong arms for a woman of my stature. It's true. But they just look so good these days, as good or maybe even better than they do when I'm bothering with some upkeep.

...Hmm. Stumped.

Meanwhile, I need to sign up for a race soon to get myself a-movin', but I'll be enjoying these toned upper limbs, you can count on that.

P.S. I get to see my baby kitty boy in less than a month. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

*Not a typo. I call it my "stummy." Is that weird? Creative? Adorable? Not as original as I think?

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