Friday, March 29, 2013

No laughing in the library

I am here at the library, getting a lot of work done, obviously. Hey, blogging is keeping my art (I don't like to call it a craft) in practice.

Anyway, I am a frequent checker-outer of library films, and on my way toward a table today I discovered a section of the building that I should have noticed long ago: kids films.

What have I been thinking, not noticing this?!

"The Santa Clause 2," "Ramona and Beezus," and (presumably) "The Lion King" are now awaiting my patronage.

As I was perusing some of the titles in the new found section, I noticed one that made me smile big and chuckle a little bit. The chuckle was about to get audible, so I exited the immediate premises.

That title was "Arthur's Pet Business."

Why does this make you laugh, you ask?

It brings back the memory of something my brother Riley once said. It was one of his best lines, to date.

First, for those of you who don't know, this "Arthur's Pet Business" is one in a series of Marc Brown's "Arthur" books turned into videos/TV episodes.

I don't remember what Riley and I were talking about--a book, or a movie or TV show, probably. I'm not sure.

At some point Riley predicted the remainder of the plot of whatever story line we were discussing. And like the honors student that he was, he said ever so casually, with a touch of the ennui that comes with being smart as well as a connoisseur of PBS shows:

"It's just going to be like 'Arthur's Pet Business.' He's going to..."

and then he continued to make the connection from "Arthur's Pet Business" to whatever else we were watching, or reading, or talking about.

Because, of course, when one can connect Arthur to anything else in life, or at least the arts (and when I say "arts," let me just offer full disclosure and say that when this discussion occurred we were probably watching the Disney Channel), one grabs that opportunity.

I also, still, cannot see the word "aardvark" and not hear Arthur sing-spelling it: "A-A-R-D V-A-RK!" And I've never read the "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," but I do associate it with an educational little musical number, thanks to my pal Arthur.  

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