Sunday, August 17, 2014

Analysis of an outfit

I've never claimed to be a fashionista. My siblings are boys. 

Let's review: Siblings? Boys.

I did the tomboy thing for many moons, and to an extent still do so. 

Fast forward several years: dresses are once again no stranger to my closet, and nail polish and earrings and perfume sometimes grace my bod. 

But let's, for a moment here, take a look back at a particular outfit from high school. 

Setting: Spring break trip with my best friend Corie (who is 30 today!!) and her parents. We were driving to Florida and took our sweet time getting there. We stopped in Memphis to take a look at the Peabody Hotel, where there are DUCKS inside. 

(On another trip through Memphis, I attended the National Civil Rights Museum (also the site where MLK was assassinated) -- a must visit if you haven't been. Also the Apartheid Museum in South Africa, but I figure airfare is less for a Memphis flight).

While in town, we snapped the picture below. 

And I -- for one -- would like to examine my outfit in the picture, because it is quite, quite stellar. 

From toe to head, we have:

  • neon green plastic flip flops
  • white socks
  • dark teal thermal underwear pants, high-water/capri style (which I think wasn't the manufacturer's intent -- I think they were actually just too small for me, though they look relatively roomy in the butt) -- with Bugs Bunny screen printed near the shin area
  • a neon yellow (with purple stripes) polo -- this would go on to act as my signature piece in college
  • a bright, nearly neon, orange Nike sweatshirt
  • and to top it all off, goofy facial expression

Winner. It's a wonder I wasn't Prom, or at least Homecoming Queen. 

By the way, we're walking in Memphis (note the newspaper stand) here.

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