Monday, August 18, 2014

Things we thought were funny (with guest star Michelle)

Fact unrelated to the remainder of this blog post: I've dubbed the cat a "body masher." This is because he loves to mash his body against mine.

I am fine with this.

OK, fact over.

Bonus fact: He's also into head butting. Affectionate little beast.


Now on with the remainder of the post.

One of my besties, Michelle, was in town yesterday, and naturally we gravitated to the OC.

We had actual logistical reasons for being there, but so far it is where we always congregate when she visits. And this happens to be beyond appropriate, because Michelle is the one who introduced me to the show "The OC." I was reluctant at first, but willing to watch because she was going to do my hair while we watched, and I'm a sucker for that.

Then we watched a second episode.

Then I drove home.

Then I found myself, days later, wanting to watch another episode.

Could it be?

It could.

We watched now and then while we were still in school together, and then when I moved to Cali I finished off the show on my own. In the words of the Biebs, never say never, y'all. Didn't think I'd be watching "Dawson's Creek," either, but wouldn't you know it if I'm in the final season.

Anyway. So we were in the OC yesterday. And naturally we cracked each other and ourselves, individually, up.

It's one of the best things about our pairing.

If you ask me.

So here are some of the things we laughed at yesterday that you probably won't laugh at. Unless you're cool (just to give you a comparison yardstick here: one of our favorite things to repeat to each other is "Aren't these chips delicious!?" and then we laugh. And this has lasted us for a couple of years yet).


[Walking up the stairs to the parking lot, after our time at the beach:]

A boy passes us on his way down the stairs, says to his adult companion: "I think Dino's* going to get me a boogie board."

*Name, fortunately for all of us, not changed.

Concerned adult is not so sure he's going to get a boogie board.

We keep walking. Then, Michelle: "So you think Dino's gonna get him a boogie board?"


[Michelle, working the radio in my car:]

For starters, Michelle is BOSS when she runs the radio. Not "a boss," she is BOSS. (As in bossy, but don't tell her I said that). She passes several fab tunes, Bailey says things like, "Oh great song," or starts dancing. Michelle changes station. Every time.

Michelle stops radio on a mariachi tune.

"How's this jam working for you?" she asks.

Finds another mariachi station moments later (because they aren't far apart on the dial here in SoCal).

"How 'bout this one?"

(Worth noting: Michelle spends several verses of some rap song trying to match her saying her favorite lyric ("something something, NYC") to the actual time in which it is said in the song. Fails several times. Bailey messes up one lyric one time by one word! Michelle doesn't let it go that Bailey let this happen.)



[During our extended nature walk along the ocean shore:]

Michelle finds a sea urchin in a rock crevice. At least this is how we identified it* -- we are journalists, not scientists.

*After much debate. We went through "sea cucumber," "anemone," and maybe something else first.

Michelle decides she is going to touch it.

Michelle urges Bailey to touch it.

Bailey touches it and exclaims, as it gets fresh with her finger using its tiny tentacle arms.

When recreating the exclamation for Michelle's brother later, I believe he compared it to a dying seagull.

Michelle and Bailey both crack up at the screaming of little girl Bailey.


[Nature walk continues:]

Michelle asks why the phrase is "Life's a beach."

Bailey says she's not sure, but imagines it is one of two things, or both:

1. Life is meant to be lived like one is at the beach. Calm, peaceful, sandy. Thus, life's a beach.


2. It's a play on words of the more cynical life sentiment that life is a b*tch. (Kind of like the poems "Dover Beach" and "Dover B*tch," but with the parody in the opposite direction).

This is contemplated. Michelle throws in that life could be "a peach."

"If you live in Atlanta, sure," conjectures Bailey.


[Some people on the beach are waving at something, or someone:]
[This is the second-to-last anecdote, I promise]

"Are they waving at us?" Michelle asks Bailey.

Bailey, to the wavers: "Are you waving at us?"

Wavers: "What?"

Bailey: "Are you waving at us?"

Wavers: "Oh, no." Chuckles.

"Do you like how you say things quietly to yourself and I ask them out loud?" Bailey asks Michelle.


[Nature walk continues to continue (at this point we are heading back because Bailey's shoulders are dangerously pink):]

Michelle spots a peach pit in the sand. She startles, excited that she may have stumbled across another sea creature for touching.

Bailey, knowing right away that it's a peach pit and not mistaking it for some sort of mollusk: "Life's a peach."

Then, expanding it: "Life's a beach peach."

Meanwhile, Michelle is trying to say something.

Bailey, continuing in her own, punny world: "Life's a beach, peach."

"I THOUGHT!..." Michelle chimes in, gracefully of course, and not at all loud.

Bailey finally stops.

" was an urchin."

And this, my friends, is the line that was quoted the most for the remainder of our daycation in the OC, where we waved to several houses that we guessed would belong to the great public defender of Ryan Atwood, the darling, the dashing, the esquired: the Sandy Cohen.

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