Monday, August 4, 2014

Champion colleague

This morning I was walking through my office building alongside my gentlemanly coworker, Carlos, who was carrying my heavy bag for me.

As we were walking down the hallway, me continuosly yawning as if I were entered in some yawning competition (the prize in this imaginary contest would be a nap, a glorious nap), the smell of coffee wafted toward us from some magical office hidden from our view.

I didn't actually notice right away, because more air was going through my wide-open, yawning mouth than my nose.

Carlos, however, quickly picking up on the Kona air freshener, said, "Ahh, follow the rainbow."

I must tell you, I found this to be hysterical.

Yawning was briefly interrupted by laughter. Followed by more general sleepiness until Carlos gifted me with some java to drink.

He carried my bag, made me laugh, and then gave me coffee. On Monday, no less, when really, everyone kind of gets a temporary free pass from the extra niceties. If you don't have a Carlos at your office, you should probably find one.

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