Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bucket's List

OK, so I've decided to finally put my bucket list in one place; I've been piecing it together for years, and I'm sure there are other things not on the list below that are written down somewhere else. But essentially, here you have it: the definitive list (which may be added to/altered, but otherwise is definitive!).

Regarding the name: My pops has always called me "Bucket." It was years before I finally decided to actually ask why he calls me that (my dad does a lot of things that we just kind of...accept), and it turns out it's because my name is Bailey and a "bailing" bucket sounds similar. So I am "Bailey Bucket." Soo, I've decided with a great flair of creativity to call my very own personal bucket list, not "My Bucket List," but rather, "Bucket's List."

Here are the rules of Bucket's list. The author and therefore by default owner of this list is allowed to revise the list. I can add things to the list, and if I decide I don't really care to do something on the list anymore, I can take it off and I'm not going to feel badly about it!! I guess that's the only real rule. I don't have as many things I'm vehemently adamant (redundant?) about regarding this list as I maybe indicated in my strongly worded warning I just wrote.

Oh, and strike through text indicates I have done that thing!, not that I decided to take it off the list. (I'm using a lot of exclamation points tonight! Not sure why! Feeling punchy, I guess)
Question marks indicate I'm not entirely sure about an item on the list.

So here we go! In no particular order, because that would require organization...

Bucket's List!
1. Visit Italy
2. Visit Greece
3. Visit Big Sur
4. Visit England, or the UK, or whatever the difference is.
5. Perform in "The Vagina Monologues"
6. Sing in a gospel choir
7. Sing "His Eye is on the Sparrow" in a church. I have never done this. This doesn't have to be a performance, I just want to sing it in a church with the community of other people singing it. As opposed to me singing it loudly along with baby Lauryn Hill, as is currently the case. (Bucket list item #7a could be to sing this in a church)
8. Publish a book(s)
9. See the sequoias
10. See the Smoky Mountains. Hike in them, too.
11. Eat at Tim's Place
12. Play wiffle ball with the Wildcats
13. See Celine in concert again (P.S. my 30th birthday is in May and Vegas is a short drive from me -- HINT HINT)
14. Run a half marathon
15. Run the Disneyland half marathon
16. Go on the James Herriot tour
17. Go on the Sound of Music sing-along tour in Austria
18. Go to a Sound of Music sing along
19. Go to a Labyrinth sing and quote along
20. See the bats in Austin, Texas
21. Do a handstand on the sand. Solid ground, really -- the point here is to do a handstand without a wall as support -- but I'm thinking sand might be easier to train on, plus I like the beach.
22. Attend Wimbledon
23. Teach an adult to read
24. Sing this at karaoke. I just have a feeling I could rock it. Plus, it's ridiculous. Heyyyyyy eyyy eyyy eyyyy eyyy Heyyy eyyy eyy, I SAID HEY!
25. Sing in a legit performance mode, with an audience and me as the soloist and actually using a good, non-karaoke voice? I think we all have a little (or large) desire inside us to fulfill that rockstar fantasy just one time, am I right??
26. Go to Overlook Mountain House, Woodstock, New York
27. Go to Hawaii
28. Go to Alaska (?)
29. Go to Africa
30. Go to Philadelphia. Full disclosure, I want to go here because it's the City of Brotherly Love. That's really, primarily, my only reason for this. I admit. And wasn't that Lawrence brothers show, "Brotherly Love," set there? Another reason right there. My case is getting stronger. 
31. Go to Savannah, GA
32. Build a home via Habitat for Humanity or some similar group
33. Go to a local sporting event, such as a football game at a high school where I did not attend nor do I know any of the players or students. Just go to enjoy the community and to really be a part of local community. 
34. Make my own version of an episode of My Drunk Kitchen (with proper appropriate respect to the originality and copyright of the series created, albeit accidentally, by the lovely Hannah Hart), perhaps/probably with li'l bro Riley (who will be drinking root beer while we film)
35. Hike Vasquez Rocks
36. Hike Devil's Punch Bowl (CA)
37. Go on a hike with strangers in the Sierra Club
38. GO BIRDWATCHING! (I really want to do this. I wanted to do it even more after reading Mark Obmascik's "The Big Year" -- which is waaaaaay better than the movie, so read the book).
39. Do a Ragnar race -- it looks both ridiculous and awesome, so I think I'd like to be a part of it.
40. Go to Yosemite
41. Lake Tahoe? 
42. Go to Machu Pichu
43. Visit New England
44. Go to this crazy salt mine (Wieliczka) 
45. Go to a lot of other beautiful places
46. I have this on my list from a while back, and I'm not sure why, but sure, why not? Go stay at this place.
47. Go to a cave. I've been in caves before, but it's been a while. And those things are cool. Carlsbad Caverns, NM looks like a good place to start.
48. Maaaaaaybe: attend seminary. I've thought about Bible college, too. Here's the thing: I want to read the Bible with the help of experts, who actually know Greek and Hebrew, who understand the historical context of the book, etc. And if I were reading it in a school setting, not only would I have these smart people around me as resources, but I would be in school so I would be given homework assignments. And if you sent me home and told me to read the book of Daniel and write a paper on it, well, I would. But as of now, I will try to read Daniel and I won't be able to pay attention. A little pathetic considering I read a ton of books each year otherwise.
49. Make a quilt.

A few additional "specialty" bucket lists:

The dating Bucket List: 
1. Go on a date at a little family-run Italian restaurant. One with a romantic, but casual, haven't-updated-the-wallpaper-in-decades feel to it.
2. Swim in a natural body of water -- lake, ocean. A little bit like this, but can be varied.
3. Make out in a car wash
4. Make out on the beach

The school bucket list:
1. Take money classes -- to learn how the heck the stock market works, taxes, interest, etc.
2. Take a horticulture class
3. Take a drawing class
4. Take a ceramics class
5. Painting class
6. Latin class
7. Tennis class
8. Golf
9. More ballet classes
10. American history, covering Civil War-ish time through...the 80s-ish
11. American government class -- can we go over all the branches, and checks and balances, and such?

The theme party bucket list: 
1. Have a PJ party.
         Guests wear their PJ's (this could start as a sleepover, in which case guests just remain in their PJ's). Or as my sweet friend Michelle likes to call them, "jim jams."
         For this party, we will eat pancakes and drink coffee and nestle in sleeping bags for girl talk (boys can be allowed to, possibly, but they must participate in girl talk and impromptu nail painting and hair braiding). We will also watch cartoons and/or classic Saturday morning shows like Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens.
2. Have a Gilmore Girls party.
         Guests dress like a Gilmore character (i.e. sweet dress = Lorelai, glasses = Lane, backwards hat = Luke). Watch episodes of Gilmore Girls (duh). Minus the episodes with Jess (because, ugh, terrible example boyfriend for young girls!!).
         Most important part!: EAT Gilmore food. Marshmallows, Pop Tarts, pizza, Chinese food, fries, tater tots, Mallomars.
3. Have a 90s childhood-style birthday party.
         Different from a 90s themed party, as that is kind of my life everyday, what with the singing of Lion King songs, talking on my flip phone, and quoting Friends.
         This epic party to go down in history will include all the classic 90s accessories: pinata, pin the tail on the donkey, cake and ice cream, paper hats that coordinate with the plates and napkins, and -- of course -- party favor bags.

And, sorry to end on a sad note, but:

Some things that would be on my bucket list but are sadly no longer possible:
1. John Denver concert
2. Peter Paul & Mary concert!!

But they're worth mentioning because they would be great, right?!


  1. I love the list. It seems very fun. You just have to start doing these things. One at a time. True story, I have done #24.

    1. NICE. i know, i realized i need to get a move on!! mostly traveling.

  2. Two things: (1) Thanks to you, I now am adding going to Tim's Place to MY bucket list and (2) if I'm not invited to your Gilmore Girls party, I will first unfriend you and then never forgive you. So there. BTW, awesome bucket list.

    1. fightin' words, lisa!! :) you will be invited but you will have to fly to LA :)

      also, thanks!

  3. Oh, I'll fly to LA for THAT.....and to see you, of course. :)

  4. I got you for both #9 and #40. There is a grove of sequoias in Yosemite. Courtney and Lydia are interested in going to Yosemite with us, so we need to make it happen sometime in the next 1-2 years. :)