Friday, March 27, 2015


All right.

It's time to come clean.

I'm stalking someone.

Two someones.


Everyone callllllllllm down.

Not actually stalking.

Just "stalking."

OK now that everyone is questioning their choice to ever read the blog of an apparent STALKER, let's all just calm down -- again -- and back up while I explain myself.

First of all, when I say "stalking," I mean:

Reading these persons' blogs.

And wishing I could be their friend.

So that's all.

Now here's how I got myself into this weird mess that makes me uncomfortable.

So it all started last February when I was at home, sick. I wanted to tweet something about being just like Kathleen Kelly in "You've Got Mail" in the scene where she's sick, minus the daisies and the Tom Hanks coming to my door with the daisies.

And the trench coat. Does it bother anyone else that she's wearing a trench coat in that scene? Is it supposed to be adorable?

So anyway. I had this charming, funny tweet to illustrate how charming and funny I am, and I wanted a visual aid to go with it, especially for those who might not fully get the reference. Shame on those people, but whatever. I'm happy to educate in the Nora Ephron realm, as needed.

So, like a normal, non-stalking person, I went to the Internet.

And I clicked on one of the images of Kathleen Kelly with her daisies in her trench coat.

And the great Internet took me to Blog #1.

Curious, I looked at the post that originally hosted the image. Then I looked around the blog a little more.

Is this how stalking begins? Inadvertently?

Hmm, my sick (physically, not socio/psychologically) self thought. This blogger is interested in children's books. Me too! And "You've Got Mail" (obviously). Me three! And it looks like maybe knitting? Well I'm into cross stitch, but close enough. Me four!!

So I signed up to get email updates when new posts came out.


Then one day Blogger #1 posted a link to a second blogger's blog.

And then I found Blog #2.

And then before I knew it I was reading two blogs by lovely writing girls who live in my relative geographical region and with whom I have a lot in common, both individually and collectively, and I thought, well, Hmpfh.

Isn't this a pickle?

Because I would LOVE to be friends with these people, and talk about blogging, and writing, and encourage one another in our writing pursuits, and hang out at the beach (I promise I'm not a creep!!!), but to do any of that I have to admit that I'm sorta kinda semi stalking them!!!!

So here I am.


So Blogger #1 and Blogger #2, if you want to eat ice cream and encourage one another and have binge writing dates (and chatty writing dates where we distract ourselves with laughter and wittiness and don't actually get a lot done), I'm in the market.

And I'm dating someone. So it's not like I'm after you for some creepy dating reason. I'm happily involved. :)

So. Uh. I guess I'll just drop this blog post right here and see what happens.

Here's hoping?? To new friends??

Write Back Soon,

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