Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reading Rodeo


Sometimes I'm just like: "Booooooooks! All the books!!!!!!!!"


I just went over to the LA Public Library website, here at 2:30 a.m. when I can't sleep and I'm waiting for my allergy pill to kick in and attack these itchy eyes (caused maybe by my cat lying next to me with all his fuzzy wuzzy hair but do I care? No.), and I looked up one book that was recommended to me.

One book.

That book didn't come up in my search.

A) I'm a little surprised at you, LAPL. You have quite a large -- pardon my pun -- library, and I thought you'd have this title. Anyway.

B) All these other books that LAPL thought fit into my search came up, and I was like, "Booooooooooooooooks."

Le sigh.

I'm writing a book, and outlining that book, and buying other books of similar genre to read and then reading those books and then each one is spurring me on to read other books that are mentioned within them.

I've had this problem before. This ain't my first Reading Rodeo (I wanted that to sound like Reading Rainbow. Did I succeed?).

I have around four books shoved into a corner of my bed right now. I've been sleeping with my books for several nights now, probably a week at this point.

I could put them on a shelf, yes.

But in my bed they're just with me, you know?

Also I'm too lazy to put them on a shelf.

So tonight, though I already have at least five books currently cracked, I opened another. It's called The Nature of Jade, and I'm 10 pages in and it's great.

And I cracked it because -- well who knows why? Because I already have several other books I'm reading -- and enjoying -- so I just as easily could have grabbed one of those.

I mean it's not like I had to travel far to get one of them. They're literally in my bed.

But I'm Bailey, and I have (not really but self diagnosed sort of joking) ADD, and I wouldn't be the me who you know and hopefully love if I weren't the girl who reads 5, 6, 7, 8 books at once.

So I opened up Jade because my book that I'm writing is of similar genre and I'm doing research. Which is a great code word for: excuse to buy and read more books, FYI. So maybe if you love to read then you should decide to write a book because so far, for me, the writing process is upping the activity on my Amazon account considerably and I can't say I'm upset about it.

Anyway, so now I'm hooked on this Jade book, adding to the madness. And now the author is quoting things from this animal book, which from the title and content of it makes it sound kind of science-y and well, crap, now I just want to read that, too.

Reading Rodeo!

I just typed that to the tune of Reading Rainbow. How'd I do? Is this catching on yet?

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