Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's time the public learn who Bonnie Raitt is

My heart weeps a little every time someone tells me they've never seen Wayne's World.

Perhaps even more so when they act like Wayne's World 2 isn't worth a viewing. It is so worth a viewing. It is worth viewing after viewing during spring break of your sixth grade year in school, when you were maybe too young to be exposed to such humor but most of the inappropriate jokes went over your head anyway and so you just enjoyed the heck out of the PG moments in the film, both films, back to back to back.

"Wayne Stock!"

"Dot the...lowercase j's..."

"Who's the old lady?!" "That's my old lady."

It is SO worth a watch (multiple watches), my readers, my friends.

Whenever someone tells me they aren't familiar with WW, I just console myself with the fact that we're -- oh so sadly -- kind of past the generation of time in which WW was required viewing. It isn't easy, but it gives me some small semblance of some itty bitty peace of mind.

[Lets out a deep breath of resignation.]

Ugh. So the Wayne's World thing is hard. Certainly, legitimately difficult in its own right.

But I have been horrified.


by something else I have heard lately from the people around me in this life I lead.

I have heard, MORE TIMES THAN I SHOULD, some very hurtful.



And those are these:

Sigh. It hurts me even to type it, I need to ramp up before I do.

OK. I'm ready. No I'm not ready. But off with the Band-Aid!

"Who's Bonnie Raitt?" people have ACTUALLY, LITERALLY, said to me.


What's worse: MORE THAN ONE person has said this to me!!!

No. No no no no no no no. This is unacceptable, America!

You must know who Bonnie Raitt is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. It just bothers me so much, friends.

Now. As soon as I sing the opening bar of "Let's give 'em somethin' to talk about," people get it right away.

"Ohhh. Yeah. Of course."

Not good enough. Not good enough for me, America.

It's time we bring Bonnie back as a household name. Let's make America good again, America.

Too far?

Too close to home, with the crazy election happenings we're seeing unravel before our horrified eyes?

Did I just get political again?

Reeling it in. Reset.

OK. So anyway.

I'm not usually one for tough love, but y'all need to get your act together and learn who Bonnie Raitt is. You need to know what she looks like (red hair, awesome trademark silver streak). You need to know what her songs are -- you can't just know the one hit. You need to know "Nick of Time." You need to know "Cry on my Shoulder." You need to understand that my dad introduced me to her lesser known, oh so fine tunes, and that it was a beautiful moment in my musical molding as a youth.

And you need to understand that she is a legend.

And that I am going to see her at the Greek this summer.

And when I tell you that I am going to see her at the Greek this summer, you reply with what, America?

Not: "Who's Bonnie Raitt?"

No no.

You respond with this: "Jealous!" "Awesome!" "Where do I buy a ticket for my very own?!"

Signed, with tough love,

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