Friday, January 27, 2017

List #3: Things I'm really good at

List the things that you are really good at
Hmm, let's see...It's a little weird to list these things publicly. I suppose, if I may be so bold, I will list the things that either I think I am good at and/or that other people have told me I am good at. Please take issue with anything you feel I am not good at in the comments. :)
OK here we go:
Talking to strangers.
Being the loudest person in the room, so that others feel less self conscious and are therefore more likely to participate in the conversation/activity at hand.
Not panicking when (concrete) negative things happen -- car troubles, for example. I'm pretty good at stepping back, looking at what I can do to solve the problem, being kind to the people around me who offer to help, and then seeing the silver linings. (I'm not as great at not panicking when I have more vague struggles with anxiety, depression, etc.).
Cat calling at concerts. I think I do a pretty good job making musicians feel like someone is listening.
Being patient with many diverse personalities. I have a big family and a lot of friends -- many people in my life who are very different from each other. I think I'm pretty good at being with people of different political and religious beliefs, people with varying appreciations of the arts and sports, dog and cat people, and finding something to talk about. I don't get into arguments, but (I think) I still stay true to who I am in the presence of someone who has vastly different opinions than I do. I don't lie about my feelings in order to put someone at ease, but I think I'm good at putting people at ease, and finding something endearing about them.
Sleeping. I can go to bed early and sleep for 10 hours a night.
Being relatively generous. Material things don't hold a ton of value to me, and I'm often willing to part with them.
Being up early. Note I didn't say getting up early, because it is hard for me to get out from under the warm blankets, away from the snuggly tiger cat. But once I sit up or get out of bed, I'm fine. I can legitimately carry on a pleasant conversation at 3 a.m., even if I was sleeping moments before.
Editing written documents. I'm not 100 percent well versed in grammatical rules, but I'm pretty good at line editing and also providing feedback about big picture elements. I can implement changes and maintain a writer's original voice.
Petting cats. Ask any cat anywhere. My method is foolproof, and thanks to many years of stroking furry nuggets. I can give even the shyest of felines something to appreciate.
Drinking beverages. For as long as I can remember, I have always been more thirsty than hungry. It's hard for me to turn down something to wet my whistle. Unless it's lemonade or whiskey, and sometimes I don't want water.
Talking about mental health. I'll tell you anything about me that has to do with dark, scary places. And I'll listen to the nitty gritty that anyone has to tell me. Thoughts of suicide, irrational fears, panic attacks -- I'll chat about any and all of it. My door's always open.
All righty, I think that's a pretty good list for now.
What are you good at? Write it down. It might make you feel good.

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