Monday, January 30, 2017

What gets me out of my head

For those just joining us, welcome to the journal/blog party! I'm journeying through the lists in this book, and it's time to explore #4:
List the things that get you out of your head
I'm tempted to say this should be a non-list, a list with zero items on it. I feel like I'm always in my head. My head swirls with thoughts, and those thoughts are rarely unaccompanied by language (I think some people think in images or colors, but I always have words with me).
Thinking is a habit, a hobby, a pastime for me. When I was a kid and we were on a road trip, after dark when I couldn't read anymore, I would just look out the window and think, content as could be. It wasn't until I hit an age where insomnia became a regular thing that I started to think my thinking was something of a curse.
There are things that make me pretty content. Things that shush the anxiety a bit, things that have less to do with words and analyzing and racing to make connections of ideas and thoughts, but more to do with being one with the moment that is. Those things are listed as follows.
Cross stitching.
Petting a cat (particularly Max) and listening to its purr. Cupping his soft belly in my palm and laying my head on his side, getting lost in the rumble.
Listening to "Re: Stacks" by Bon Iver.
Seeing Rachael Yamagata in concert.
Watching a Kathleen Madigan comedy special.
Watching Felicity.
FaceTiming with Nick.
Slow dancing with Alex. With our foreheads pressed together, I look into his eyes with no fear, and I think, "Wow."
Sipping wine with my parents.
At the very beginning of this video, just after she sings, "Where the spirit of the Lord is," and she laughs -- it's very brief, but I love it, and get goose bumps most of the time when I watch/listen to it.
I don't know if it totally gets me out of my head, but I zone out somethin' powerful when I'm getting a pedicure.
Those who know me will laugh, considering my too-high tolerance for messes, but when I'm cleaning and organizing, I get pretty blissful and in a rhythm. Oftentimes when I clean, I get mad at myself for being so messy in the first place, but at some point I hit a sweet spot where I am just shuffling stuff around and I'm not really thinking about the mess that's there or how beautiful everything will look after I clean. I'm just happy to be fitting things in spaces, dusting surfaces, shelving books. There's something about it.
That's most of what I can think of, Friends. I thought about putting other things on this list: talking to strangers, reading, getting a massage. Though I enjoy the heck out of those things, I'm very much in my head when I do them. This was a good challenge to think of what really gets me away from the grey matter. I challenge you to try it. Ready go!
Be back soon.
-- BB

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