Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Things that are swell in my life today

I'm wearing a cozy sweater/sweatshirt hybrid. It's a beautiful shade of blue, not at all scratchy. A little short in the torso, but warm.
I ate a giant bag of Salsa Verde Doritos, which were delicious, and I still have calories left in my daily allotment.
Yesterday I posted a picture of some books I'm done with, and I got takers for four of the five that I photographed. Now I get to hand deliver or mail them, and write notes to accompany the latter. I used to think handwriting notes was worth doing, but I didn't really enjoy the task. Now I can say I genuinely enjoy writing the notes. And affixing minion stickers to the backs of envelopes.
I own approximately 10 blankets, which is way more than one person needs. But I love all their colors and varying degrees of fuzziness, and they keep me so warm in my not-so-insulated apartment.
When I woke up this morning and looked at Max, I promise you he was smiling back. He did lots of purring this a.m., and got lots of smoochy squishes.
I have too many friends to keep up with, and that is just an amazing thing to be true in one's life.
I had a ruthless headache yesterday, and I slept it off finally. Feel content as sunshine today.
I brought my lunch to work, so I can pat myself on the back for not spending money. And it's veggie soup with noodles, mmmm.
Water isn't boring to me right now. Oftentimes it's the last thing I want to drink, but currently the thought of filling up a glass and drinking it while I Netflix is not a thing I dread.
Someone asked me how Alex's birthday party was, and I was pleased to say that he has so many kind friends who love him, who came out on a Monday night and plied him with hugs and tiki drinks.
My parents will be in California in two weeks!!!
My bedroom is QUITE clean, so I don't have to totally scramble for their arrival.
I'm actually somewhat motivated to clean out the trunk of my car.
I've cancelled several memberships, so less money is being sucked from my account lately.
Abby's going to cut my hair soon.
I watched Beautiful Girls last night, and loved it. I can't put my finger on what made it so good, but it was just great.
What's good in your life today? See if you can think of five to 10 things. Write 'em down. Feel the lift.

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