Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stubborn (guest writer Nick with commentary from Bailey)

I think Bailey has this word on a banner proudly displayed above her head. (She just called me an ass). Now some people might say, Nick, give her a break, she has a lot on her plate, she is trying to figure out what to do with her life. But I say, no, suck it up, who knows, you just might like Avatar. Just give it a try. You never know.

But no. While the rest of my family joined me in the 3D world of adventure and action, Bailey sat for 45 minutes by herself in the lobby of the movie theatre and then went and watched It's Complicated by herself.

My ticket was way less expensive, AND I didn't have to buy stupid glasses to watch my film. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin had me in tears, I don't remember the last time a bunch of Smurfs made anyone cry. Except when they got cancelled.

Smurfs? Please. You can watch Alec Baldwin for free on TV and you have you very own Meryl look-a-like back in Kansas. Perhaps it is time for you to return home.

Ass. I will stay in your parents' home as long as I like. And I will eat the mint M&M's from the candy dishes and read C.S. Lewis aloud to you whenever I want. I will get lectured my members of your church who I don't even know for tearing down the Christmas tree in the wrong manner and then eat free pizza afterward. I will offer to babysit your nephew so you and your brothers can go see Avatar, then be told "No no, Bailey, go to the movies," and then I will go see whatever I want.

Bailey is saying comments that are not being taken down here, and to her I say, don't give me any journalism pointers until post grad school. Thanks. And in your last comment, it should say "lectured by members of your church" not "my." "My" just indicates that, once again, you were only thinking of your self.

"Yourself" is one word. We are boring the readers. From Cleveland, good night, friends. Nicholas, any last words?

Yes. I would just like to inform your "readership" (I don't think any of you actually exist) that the only funny posts on this blog are posts about me, and the other ones are generally made up (just like your readers) which really makes this whole blog a lie considering it is supposed to be non-fiction. And Bailey has a cell phone. She lies about a lot of things.

And Nick lies even more. (It is possible that Nick and I have had a little too much quality time together and are getting a little fussy with each other).

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