Friday, January 15, 2010

You Say "Banana"

Accents make the world a better place. Admittedly, some of them drive me up a wall (and I won't mention those specific ones here so as not to offend), but most of them are flipping amazing.

My brother Patrick has told me to watch Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show, because not only is Ferguson hilarious, but everything he says is ten times funnier because of his Scottish accent. Patrick is not always right, but on this point he for sure is. I caught Craig a few times just channel surfing because I couldn't sleep, and after a few encounters realized I was setting down the remote and getting sucked in. He is so precious. On Wednesday his guest was Richard Lewis and they were talking about dinosaurs and Craig put his arms up to his chest and started flapping his hands around, explaining that dinosaurs had "tiny little arms" used "for stroking" other dinosaurs whom they loved. Okay now imagine those words being spoken in a Scottish accent...done. Case closed.

Today my friend Phil came into the 'Bucks and he was telling me about how he was running yesterday and got a horrendous leg cramp and he was thinking to himself, "Someone get me a banana!"* Phil is British. So he did not pronounce his second "A" (of the three "A"s in "banana") with a nasally American "ba-nAAAh-na," but instead it was a British, sighing sort of "ba-nAH-na." You can picture a stuffy butler saying "please pass me that ba-nAH-na over there," and it's already funny. But then imagine Phil making his statement in the same excited way that Americans would (i.e., "Dude! I got the worst leg cramp yesterday! I was like, 'someone get me a ba-nAAAh-na!'"), same rushed pace, only with the stuffy, slow, sighing butler voice...done. Case closed.

Accents? Rock. Oh, and watch Craig Ferguson tonight. CBS.

*The potassium in bananas prevents leg cramps. Pretty great trick.

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