Saturday, January 2, 2010


Morning: I arrived at work at 6:30am, freezing cold and barely running on four hours of sleep, following a night of typing (yet more) grad school essays. During most of the hours spent typing, I was wearing my winter hat. I removed the hat briefly to sleep, and then put it right back on this morning as I got into my frigid car and shivered for 18 of the 20 minutes it takes me to drive to work, while I waited for the car to warm up. I was surprisingly in a good mood, probably because my application was submitted and out of my hands. When I got to work I went to the bathroom and took off my hat. As I stepped out I asked my coworkers to "please ignore my hair." Caleb was very polite in (not) hiding his true feelings and gave me a priceless look accompanied with instructions to immediately fix my matted down head. Jen suggestively asked, "Do you need a hair thing?," which I graciously accepted. I actually ended up with a pretty cute ponytail, a little more peppy than usual due to some awry kinks thanks to winter hat and bed head.

Noon: I stopped by the post office to mail my car payment (technically 2 days late, but also technically within the 15-day grace period--I may be last minute but I usually make things work). I pulled my car up to the blue box and reached for it with my envelope containing my hard earned coffee dollars, now payable to the nice people at the loan credit union. I realized I was not exactly close enough to the mailbox, as just the edge of my envelope lay teetering on the edge of the chute, and 97% of it hung suspended between the chute and my pinched, straining fingers. Freezing cold and too lazy to adjust the car's position, I gave a little "egh" stretch-effort sound effect and let go of the envelope. Definitely sent a now-paper airplane for a little ride to the snowy ground instead. I opened my door to gather it and gave a little wave and smile to the car behind me. He smiled back, enjoying the free show. I had a tremendous urge to yell "Party foul!" at him, but sadly his window was up and he would not have heard me.

Night: Went out for pizza dinner with Riley and the 'rents for Riley's last night home before going back to school. All declared "not it" when electing tonight's person to pray over the pie, when said pie arrived at the table and election was briefly interrupted. After thanking our waitress, Dad took on the role and we joined in a quick "God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food, Amen." Well, all of us except Riley. Two minutes later Riley asked, "so are we going to pray?" Eye glances around the table, no response. Then,

"Riley, we did pray."
"Did we pray?"
"No, we discussed praying and then the pizza came."
"Yes, and then we prayed."
Riley: "Did you pray silently?"

He was being totally serious--no recollection of the prayer. Nice. New Year's Resolution? Work on the short term memory.

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