Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lots of musing about a typically teenage game

Party people, listen up.

I have never played spin the bottle.

And I want to play it. I think I might put this on my bucket list. Should this be an event at my next birthday party?

Is that appropriate? Childish?

They have those "proms" for adults (one of which I attended this spring with my fellow grad students), isn't that kind of the same thing--giving people a chance to do something over again from adolescence? I never played spin the bottle as a teen--let's cut to the chase here and mention that I wasn't kissing anyone, period, in my teen years--so now I want to play!

Is this totally weird that I'm discussing this here?

Is it weird that I've talked about this subject on the radio?: (Skip to the 6 minute mark)

One more question: which of you gentlemen will be showing up at my birthday party? ;)

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