Monday, July 30, 2012

My thoughts on Grey's

I'm going to tell you all a story. 

I called Nick to ask him to give me a topic to blog about. He told me to write about self control. We talked about some other things. 

Then he asked me if I watch Grey's Anatomy

Then we talked about some of the actors on the show. 

Then I started to tell him about my thoughts on Grey's Anatomy and the circumstances in which I watch that show. 

And he promptly cut me off and told me had to go. 


So I told him I would blog about it. 

So, for all of you reading this, here are my thoughts on Grey's

While in graduate school, and maybe before that, if I would catch Grey's during the day, I would sometimes stop on it, generally if there was not much else on that caught my interest. 

The scenes involving blood--there are many--make me queasy. 

The show itself is kind of boring. 

I like Katherine Heigl. 

The music is what I like the best. 

Jesse Williams--whoaaaaa, baby. Smokin'. Gorgeous and a half. 

But yeah. The music. I believe I've even put a 3-disc set of the Grey's soundtracks on my Amazon wish list. Great music. Parenthood has great music, too. But I love that show, and actually pay better attention to the plot. And don't get queasy. Except maybe when Jason Ritter is on screen. But that's a good kind of queasy. Like a Jesse Williams queasy. And by queasy in that sense, I mean swoony. 

So I guess Nicky Pie gave me a blog topic after all. Thanks, boo. 

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