Sunday, May 5, 2013

Can't help myself

When I went to Starbucks today, there was a man out front wearing a Kansas City Royals hat, and a child with him was wearing a jersey that said “Royals.”

Naturally, I went up to them and asked if they were from KC, expecting him to say ‘yes’ and for us to then share what suburb we’re actually from, ask if he lives here or if he was on vacation, etc.

But when I asked him if he was from KC, he told me no.



I thought maybe he thought I was flirting with him and felt uncomfortable about it. Well, maybe he did, but it turns out his kid’s (or nephew's or whoever--I'm not assuming things here anymore) team is the Royals and he just had the KC hat to accompany his fandom.

But, and this is just a suggestion here, shouldn’t he get something that says “Royals” on it rather than “KC”?

Ah well.

Ironically a week ago at California Adventure theme park, I saw a man wearing a KC hat and he was actually from the greater KC area. He was at the park with some students who go to my rival high school. 

I also saw a girl at the park last weekend wearing a Jayhawk shirt. I said, “Go Jayhawks!” and she did not slow her pace at all as she gave me a very half-hearted “Yeah, Rock Chalk” as she kept moving past me.

When I went to California Adventure in November, there was a couple there who used to live about two streets away from where my parents reside. They were friendly.

So, moral: asking people if they’re from Kansas City or Kansas has various results, but I’m not going to stop asking. 

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