Thursday, May 30, 2013

I've said it before...

I'm not going to say this "once and for all," because I will say it again:

People suffering from anxiety and/or depression who see a counselor and/or treat their symptoms with legal prescription medication are taking steps to be healthy. These are indications that such individuals both recognize a problem and take proactive, protective choices to solve it.

Insurance providers should view such behavior as healthy. Such actions made by an individual illustrate intelligence, awareness, and responsibility. They should not be grounds for jacking up the price of an insurance plan.

People who take no steps to treat mental health issues are at greater risk for bigger problems down the road.

If I have a case of gangrene and let it sit and get worse, I am creating bigger problems for myself and perhaps those around me.

If I have a case of gangrene and seek medical treatment, society views this as the right decision. The smart, healthy choice. One that is applauded.

Proper, proactive treatment of mental health issues should be treated exactly the same. I am so sick of seeing and experiencing discrimination surrounding this.


  1. You are absolutely correct. It isn't supposed to be happening in this day and age when so much has been written about how unfair and unjust this is and how someone who has depression isn't really any different than someone who has diabetes and has to take metformin, for example.

    You might write your senator or congressman(woman) and let them know the runaround you are getting with insurance. This is crazy.

    Love and prayers this finds a good resolution.

    1. thanks, Maureen. I applied for something that initially priced was $150. Jumped to $337 after my application was processed. I told them no.