Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My best friend Corie and I have joked for a long time that we are the same person. A few examples:

  • Both of our fathers were at one time engineers (hers still is; mine had a mid-life career switch).
  • One time we bought the same pair of running shoes, unbeknownst to each other. 
  • We wore the same style of David's Bridal bridesmaid dress to our brothers' weddings. 
  • We each went to a Lutheran college, in attendance with each other's brothers. 
  • We both majored in Psychology and minored in Social Work.
  • We both attended the same social work graduate program (she graduated, I left and later studied journalism).
  • We're tomboys.

I could go on.

Today I was thinking about the fact that a year ago today I left Kansas to start driving to California, for my big life adventure. That night, when Dad and I arrived at our first overnight stop, we got a call alerting us that Corie's water had broken. I had seen her the day before and razzed her stomach about not wanting to meet Auntie Bailey and thus staying put until I left town, of course.

It just occurred to me today that such a line up of timeliness should be added to our list of our twin tendencies. One friend drives cross country for a BIG move, and the other goes into labor with her first child in the same 24 hours? That's noteworthy. Took me a whole year to realize it, but still. Probably took me that long to realize it because at the time I was just kicking the air because I wasn't able to be there to meet babe, or hang out in the hospital waiting room, like they did on one of our favorite shows, "Friends," for several sitcom births.

It's OK. I met the little cutie pie in good time. Baptisms are a nice occasion to go home for.

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