Sunday, May 18, 2014

House guest

Last month my friend Tommy was in town for work. (I love it when he's in town for work. We crack each other up, and it's great to have friends who fall under that category).

I had him over for Thai food and beer and a viewing of a documentary about Everybody Loves Raymond, because that's our idea of a good time

-- and a good time it was --

and during his visit I mentioned I had Girl Scout cookies in the freezer. Because while I rarely have people over and I have to tear my place apart to make it decent looking before anyone does come over, I am an awesome hostess in regards to things like having Girl Scout cookies in my freezer.

Admit it, you want to come over right now and watch a Raymond video and eat some Thin Mints.

Before I gave Thomas any cookies, however, I gave him the OCD: Official Cookie Disclaimer.

"So here's the thing. I left the cookies in my car, and they melted, and then I put them in my freezer, and then they all kind of froze together in these chunks, and --"

"So they're giant Girl Scout cookies?"

I held my applause for his genius and abstract thinking and said only this (or something only mildly different): "Hashtag nailed it."

We like to speak in hashtags.

"Hashtag salad face" is our current fave. But it's honestly probably only funny to us (let's be honest, unless he's spread this around, or I have and I've forgotten, I'm not sure anyone else even knows about this secret code had-to-be-there hashtag), so I'm not going to tell you about it unless you ask.

Although knowing my tendency to just tell stories whenever and wherever I want, my previous statement is not a promise.

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