Thursday, May 29, 2014

No, Drill Sergeant! Busy sleeping!

Is it the extra hours of daylight that is making it so hard for all of us to get out of bed these days?

I say all of us because you will not leave me alone in this.

Also I have talked to several people who seem to also be struggling to get out of bed these days.

But really, isn't there something to the idea that with more daylight, that lasts later into the evening hours, our brains think that we can stay up for more hours in the day, thus we need more recovery time during our sleeping hours, yet our places of employment still require us to be at work at the same time as usual, so in essence we're getting less sleep than usual?

This theory holds some water, yes?

And it's probably not that original and if I google it I may stumble upon something like it and realize I'm not that original?

[Also, did what I explained up there make any sense?]

In any case, I think that at this point, the only thing that might motivate me to GET. UP! is some drill sergeant workout buddy who would make me get up in the morning. By yelling.

Otherwise, I'm out of ideas. I mean I've had ideas -- get up early and do yoga, take a shower, clean, pray, just simply sit and be awake but at least be up earlier than I'm getting up -- but there is no actual execution of any of these ideas in the early a.m. hours as of late.

I even prepped the coffee pot on Monday night so that it would be ready Tuesday morning, to coax me away from the futon even 15 minutes earlier than normal. (Yes, I'm freshly 29 and sleep on a futon. Move on from it.)

It should be noted that I do night-before coffee pot prep approximately twice a year. Maybe.

This week's evening coffee prep did not get me out of bed early. I knew all I had to do was plug it in (because when it's plugged in the blue light is annoying in the dark of my apartment during sleepy time, and I live in a studio so I almost-but-not-quite sleep in my kitchen) and push a button (because even though it supposedly has programmable settings to begin brewing at a scheduled time, it doesn't cooperate with me in this department of function), but I think I was so out of it Tuesday morning that by the time I actually realized/remembered the ease of this task it was already my standard roll out of bed time, so I missed the occasion I had set up for myself.

So anyway, basically, I think that either a very angry or very peppy but regardless very persistent and noisy workout coach by my bedside is about my only hope for a non-pathetic wake up time these days.

Because for crying out loud the situation is pathetic.

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