Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I hope I see him tomorrow

Yesterday when I got home from work, I emerged from the staircase out of the parking garage and saw a cat. 

Naturally I went over to it, and naturally, after I knelt down, the cat came over to see me. 

Cats learn quickly to love me, because they quickly learn that I love them.

I was petting Cat, and I heard someone say, "Hey, that's my cat!"

Not mad, as if to say, "Hands off my cat, Woman!"

Just matter of fact: "Hey. That's my cat." Like, "Dude, where's my car?"

I turned toward the voice and saw a dude on a 3rd floor balcony with his hand in the air for me to notice him. He asked me if I could bring the cat over near his building, and that someone was coming downstairs to get the cat. 

I told him sure, and asked if the cat would let me pick it up. He said sure, so I gladly picked up Cat. 

Naturally, Cat was purring. Cat had already nudged me and talked to me. 

I walked over with my new pal, where sure enough a second dude came to get the nugget tucked in my elbow. 

I am swooning just remembering this. 

I complimented the dude on the beautiful animal, and he thanked me with a smile. I suddenly realized -- with a mix of horror and personal reminder that cats are pretty bad ass and can fall from certain heights and land on four feet -- that the cat had to somehow get from 3rd Floor to Ground Level, and asked second dude if he thought the cat had fallen. 

"No," he said, "He gets up on the roof and then..." and then mumbled some words while gesturing that the cat goes where he pleases, because as previously mentioned, cats are pretty bad ass, not to mention athletic, slinky, and the BEST pets around. 


Today I emerged from the stairwell after work and once again saw Cat, who had once again escaped, to ground floor, I presume to see me. 

It was like Groundhog Day except it was Cat Day, which has to be an upgrade, even if neither Bill Murray nor sweet vermouth, rocks with a twist are involved. 

There was more kneeling and nudging and then, 

we had a drop and flop. 

This is a term that is often used in the Brewer household, and it refers to when a cat in the household does the following:

The receiver of a drop and flop at least metaphorically, if not literally, usually throws hands to one's chest in excited affection, accepting that the fuzzy feline has said that yes, you may look upon and [maybe] pet my belly. 

A drop and flop, if I'm not mistaken, communicates extreme love on the part of the cat for the cat's human. 

Another three-syllable title for this irresistible action is "belly up."

So I assume, based on today's sweet second meeting, that this cat who hangs by the pool and has welcomed me home yet again, is mine by default? 

I mean, he seems taken with me, is all I'm saying. I've been told that if a man really wants to be with you, he will go out of his way to make it happen. 

And after meeting this gal by the pool yesterday and then being returned to his homeland, Cat traveled back to ground level, via the roof. And if that isn't going out of one's way to see a cat-loving girl, I don't know what is. 

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