Friday, August 21, 2015

I feel like buying workout clothes

What do you feel like doing?

I am ready for the weeeeeek end.

For the week to END!

My boy toy is out of town this weekend, which makes me sad.

My roommate is out of town this weekend, which makes me sad.

But oh boy do I need to relax and just chillax.

So I'm planning to, well, not plan. I'm putting a death grip on my calendar, like I'm a celebrity and my own feisty, protective secretary at the same time.

I just put a massage on the calendar for this evening and I feel guilty about it.

But it's a massage for crying out loud!

I also have a Skype date planned for tonight, so I'm already double booking for this weekend of supposed-to-be-nothing CAN I DO ANYTHING RIGHT???

I might have tiny little issues with being busy all the time. In theory I hate being busy all the time, but I happen to be busy 98 percent of the time (data suggests) so there must be something going on there.

So, possible activities for my non-planned weekend:

Make a friendship bracelet*
Cross stitch
Work out?
Lay by the pool
Make a smoothie

*I'm perpetually in the 4th grade

Busy busy busy I have a problem.

I've cried twice this week, each time to my bewilderment.

Make that thrice.

I cried on Sunday in the car with Alex.

I cried last night on Skype with Alex. (Alex isn't making me cry, by the way).

I cried at lunch today (they were chopping onions, and whoa).

"Now I know I should wait," said the sweet young man who made my salad and then did the onion chopping.

Did the week end yet? Not yet, but we're almost there.


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