Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend poem

A bottle of wine on the patio
Kids on scooters whirring past
The wheels annoyingly loud on concrete
Not hindering us from catching up

Mac and cheese with prosciutto
in a mini-skillet
Craft beers, a selfie
A movie about The Doors in the background, on silent

Bailey's first trip to San Diego
Trolley ride through the city
Hair wind-whipped to the point of
brushing not possible

Wanted a magnet for the fridge
but the Mobil station wasn't big on
Got a Coke and gum instead

Sake bombs for everyone
at the sushi restaurant
in a strip mall
past Bailey's bedtime

Patio time with Abby
Pinot grigio
Beach time with Abs
Coffee and prayer, sand on our toes

A "race" on the boardwalk
Walk, don't run
Uncharged iPod, grumpy
but I made it

Slight waves of depression
But mostly fine
Reminder that maintenance is daily,
even though I'm much happier than I once was

Old men on bicycles
Boats in slips
Souvenirs galore
Forgot my wallet

Cross stitch time
Cat time
TV and a smoothie
Race recovery

Chicken meatballs and pasta
Hotel lobby restaurant
Looking up flights
on an iPhone

Old, new, and in between
Another weekend
More life being lived

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