Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jog? Blog!

The oatmeal is burning my hand through the plastic bowl in which it sets.

It's steaming.

It is adorned with dried cherries and cranberries, niblets of pecan, with cinnamon measured in.

My body is sore.

My mind is anxious.

I need to do a big workout today, and it has been an embarrassing amount of time since I have last done so.

I am in my clothes, sports bra and neon shorts -- the official uniform.

I've started a friendship bracelet this morning. Two, actually. Finished one, valiantly started another difficult pattern.

I made coffee. I drank coffee.

The roommate is sleeping, so I am tiptoeing around, Pandora on low.

If she were awake I would be less anxious. I like to think we calm each other down. Encourage. Support.

Alex makes jokes that Abby and I are in a relationship, which we are, just not a kissing one.

I played pool last night, and -- AND! -- laser tag!

Never thought laser tag would be a part of my evening. But it was. And we stayed out 'til almost 2, which was very big for us. Especially for me.

Despite the late night, I awoke rather early, and then started humming with anxiety.

So many chores to do. Kitchen needs major attention. Laundry. Library. Post office.

Breathe. Breathe.

I just heard stirring. Thought it was Abs, but I think it is the cat and a paper bag. Best friends.

I hung up my "Race Bling" medal holder in my room. It has two medals and a plastic pink lei on it. There are two more medals, which, like my yoga DVD, are missing. And there is one more medal at my parents' place.

I might hang up the medal that Rosie and I won on our December cruise, for claiming second place in the 90s music trivia contest. It wasn't a race, per se, but we were in a race to win it!

Abby bought us inflatable floaty chairs for the pool, and after much drama and heaving of breath we got them blown up. We've used them in the pool a couple of times, always accompanied by laughs, but we mostly use them as our living room TV chairs. We have two couches and a futon, but we sit on the air furniture thank you very much.

I am syncing my workout playlist to my iPod shuffle.

Supplies needed for a long treadmill workout?:

iPod shuffle (with full battery. I may have learned the hard way that no charge equals no smile during a recent 15K)
phone -- to text for encouragement and entertainment
Shot Blok chews
bag to carry all of the above

I have dinosaur candles for Alex's next birthday. Which isn't until January.

OK I'll stop boring you now. Gotta sync the pod, hydrate, and get my arse on the t-mill. Holla.

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