Friday, August 28, 2015

Sugar packets

Plagiarism alert!

I'm stealing this post idea from the lovely Hilary Miller. Go give her blog some love, and laugh at her humor. Because she's funny. And sweet. And all the things.

But as you may know, I am pretty big into "gratitude lists," AKA "sacks of sugar," or sugar packets for short.

[Real quick:] There is research that shows writing down things we're grateful for can affect our overall positive mental health. So if you're havin' a moment, or a day, or a week, or a month, or even a year (cue the "Friends" theme), might I recommend sitting down and hammering out a gratitude list.

Even if it's just things like:

My butt is not sore from yesterday's workout session


We get to wear jeans at work today


My strawberry gum tastes good

It can be bigger things like:

My parents love me


I've been listening to the new Taylor Swift album for months and I'm still not sick of it and it still makes me think of the early days of dating Alex


I have a full time job with benefits

Some days you may only be able to muster things like:

My coffee is hot


There is gas in my car


I spent five minutes at the ocean today

Whatever it is, I urge you to write it down. It really does help. And I've actually been making a continual list of 1,000 things I love in life, and when I go back through and read them, I actually get some happiness bubbling up inside of me. I'm serious.

So anyway. My friend Hilary made a list of things that are good in her life, and I thought it would be a good idea for me to do the same. Lately I've been harping on all the things -- chores and even happy hobbies -- in my life that aren't completed, and getting upset about it. I need to do ALL the laundry, put gas in my car, air in my tires, register my car with California plates, cross stitch 8,000 projects, etc. etc. etc.

SO! I've decided, at Hilary's lead, to list the things that are good. So here we go.

My parents love me!

My kitty is such a precious baby, and lately he's been sleeping just north of my pillow, so sweet.

Abby and Alex are watching Friday Night Lights.

Some girlie girls are serenading me with some good tunes right now: Taylor, Sara Bareilles, Kelly, Christina, Tegan & Sara.

Oatmeal for breakfast.

Gonna have another cuppa, because it's Friday.

The roomie and I both needed a night in last night, and we laughed together a lot.

We have a ginormous printer at work, and I've worked with the company long enough that I can use that thing like a champ, whip bang zoom (that's a phrase, right?).

I get to see my Alex tonight, and snuggle into his hugs.

I made magnets for our fridge! (By the way I have a new obsession with magnets. Ask Abby.) I took beer bottle caps, a sheet of foam, a quarter as a template/stencil, glue, and little button magnets and made colorful, cute, useful button-like friends for our fridge! (I just called magnets "friends." Again, obsession problem.)

[Here's where I'd post a picture if I had a camera or smartphone or Instagram account.]

I get to see my bestie Shelly sooooooo soooooooon!!

Abby and I have plans for a super-healthy September (we have a calendar that we will adorn with happy face stickers, as if we are five-year-olds), and meanwhile are shoving as many burritos and beers in our faces because "It's still August!"

I made two pretty friendship bracelets recently.

OK, I think I'll stop for now. Another thing that I can honestly say about gratitude lists is that for me they are truly addictive. Once I start noticing the good, it's hard to stop. Especially if you count the little things among the big. And I hope you have a little of both kinds in your life.

Happy weekend. Love.

Oh, and your turn. Get to gettin' on your own list. Count those sugar packets!!

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  1. Okay, you may have veggie express, if I take sacks of sugar.
    I love this! Also, I have not seen Friday Night Lights. Is this a tragedy?