Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bailey's gonna show you how to get an 'A'

I had a phone conversation with my brother Patrick in the final hours of my undergraduate career. I told him about the final project I was wrapping up, a paper for my children's literature course.

I may have forgot to mention to him what class it was for, because when I told him I was writing a paper about Peter Pan he said,

"Wait, what?"

The irony simply didn't occur to me that after 3 1/2 grueling years of reading, writing, research, even travel abroad, I was going out with a grand...children's story.

Yesterday I pitched a research proposal to my mass media professor. And the topic is...

[Careful when you click on that link. You will be on youtube for hours--celebrity SS videos are highly chain reactive.]

Maybe this is what happens when you're under extreme academic pressure. You start reverting to your scholastic roots, curling up with your baby blanket helping Blue with his clues. It's just easier than reading about framing, and agenda setting, blah blah blah, all the live long day.

I can only imagine what my final thesis will look like if this pattern of backward intelligence continues. Oh well. I just hope the faculty witnesses at my oral defense will at least dance when I hit play on a Jackson 5 track and commence with my elementary research findings.

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  1. Bailey. I'm jealous kick-ass lit. review topic. If you need any help, I did quite the expansive project on Jim Henson in 8th grade.