Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keep 'em comin', Friends

I heard at least five little nuggets of fantastic speech today that kept me sane (and, often, laughing). They are as follows:

Mike: (Background--last night when we were saying goodnight on Skype I gave him the command to dream about me.)

This morning he wrote in an email, "I did dream about you...although it fell under a world invasion type scenario."

My beat editor, Scott: Discussing our upcoming election coverage, we came across something on the agenda that caused him to say he didn't give "a hill of beans" about it.

Someone who will remain unnamed: Speaking of someone else who will remain unnamed, this person said that she was scared of the other person. When I asked why, she said, "I don't like her eyebrows!"

Apparently this is warrant for fear.

An assistant city editor, Becky: While editing my coverage of a shooting, she thought she had finalized a sentence, but I asked her to reword it. Because as it was, it read, "The victim's exact name and age have not been released."

I wondered what she meant by "exact name"...This was a fantastic moment for me because she usually catches me in my blunders, not the other way around.

The New York Times: My final great line of the day came in a news brief through my RSS feed. It read,

This, certainly, is the best of the five. God bless these unwavering men, and may He bring them all safely to the surface. A little practice round for future ascension...

Oh, and P.S. Update: There are now three safely out of the mine.

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