Monday, December 22, 2014

More thoughtoids, a book you should read (and have a good cry)

Does anyone else have a vague illness that's just hanging on?

For crying out loud...

Going to the doctor today.


Read a precious beyond precious book at work today (we continue to sort toys for our clients for the holidays, which is great and feel good). It's called "You're All my Favorites" and it's about these precious baby bear siblings who wonder if their parents love each of them less because they are all different. The parents assure them that they are all equally beloved.

And the illustrations! So sweet. The bears remind me of little kitties. Because a lot of things remind me of kitties; birds, even. Because I'm obsessed.

Anyway, upon reading this book, I almost cried.

Read some reviews on Goodreads (I gave it five stars, obviously), and I wasn't the only one to get misty.


I thought of something while in bed last night that made me feel better. I remembered that Anne Lamott says that December is the worst month to try to get any writing done. I've been writing these little pieces of my life updates for you on the blog, as opposed to more thought out, longer essays; part of that is the attention span of my sickness, but I think it's also the fact that it's December!

I ran a half marathon last December and decided never to do it again; it's just too busy. And October and November are busy, too -- holiday parties everywhere I turn -- so the lead up of training for the race was crazy.

I've done a really good job this year of curbing my activities, so as to remain calm and rested and more jovial. It's worked quite well, I think. It was a good reminder to remember the Lamott December advice/wisdom piece.


I can tell I'm not feeling well in part because when faced with the opportunity to eat sushi -- one of my loves -- this weekend, I passed. When you pass on things you love, something's up. Physically, emotionally, what have you. Remember that.


A bientot, Mes Amis. Wish me luck at the doctor.

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