Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Packing -- it's going great

The cat is on my suitcase.

Nothing else is in my suitcase.

I'm going to miss you too, my sweet Max.

Packing the warmest things I own. Leave no long johns behind!

I also have a fun little New Year's Eve dress but....not sure it's gonna be warm enough. Not for the wuss of a warm-temperature gal planning to wear it.

I called my family tonight, to be assured they were having zero fun without me.

They said they weren't, but I heard something about a bottle of wine being polished off, so I'm not sure they're having zero fun.

They also went to church tonight and there was a cow inside the building, so I really don't think they can promise they are having zero fun.

Cow in church = fun.

I hope everyone is enjoying my incessant blogging of late. It is my way of not packing.

I'm actually packing actual outfits. Be proud of me for that. I usually just throw whatever in my bag, and then I'm dressed like, well, me.

I am syncing up my tablet -- that I won for free at the company holiday party, yessss -- so that I can watch Felicity tomorrow at the airport and on the plane.

Again. Yessssss.

Gonna order my chardonnay -- or what have you -- on the plane, throw in my phones, and laugh right out loud at Javier if I feel like it!

And I'll think of Max. And miss the warmth of California. And some other people and things.


But I'll be headed to see some people I love. The bittersweetness.

I've laid a bunch of clothes out on my bed. Am I done yet?

I also discovered that I don't think I can watch Felicity on my tablet.


Good thing I love to read. And that they have booze at airports. Here's hoping I don't forget my book like last time when I flew to Chicago. But then I made a new friend in Chicago and he gave me a book that was great. So it'll work out.

I'm tired. I want to be done packing. I want to snuggle with the cat.

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