Saturday, December 13, 2014

What a sick person does and thinks about when she's sick

I could go for a boyfriend right now.

We'd order Chinese food and look at the cat and talk about how cute he is (the cat, not my BF).

I'd make him (my BF, not the cat) watch Felicity with me, and I would talk Noel versus Ben. He (my BF, not Noel or Ben) would think I'm so cute he would just let me talk about these fictional boys. And he would tell me I'm pretty and be happy he was my nonfictional boy.

Le sigh.


I'm actually feeling content to be single, but if a boyfriend were here and he wanted to have Chinese food and watch Felicity and talk about the cat, I'd be totally into that.

And my apartment is messy but not like disgusting-embarrassing messy so it would be OK if he came over.

Anyway. Again.

So I still have this fabulous cold. I spent the morning in bed, and took a nap -- before noon! I read, I made some lists, I watched Felicity (with guest stars John Ritter and Donald Faison), I ate some candy. Hey, I have a cold, not the stomach flu. I can have chocolate for breakfast.

Eventually I got bored.

I called Mom.

"I'm bored," I said when she answered the phone.

We talked for a bit.

We hung up.

I took a shower.

I went to Panera. Third time this week. Do I have a problem?

I went to what I thought was more of a shopping mall, but either I'm not good at finding secret passages to where the stores are hidden or this place was mostly restaurants and a movie theater. So I paid $3 for parking and got out of there.

Then I hit up the dollar store. Got a bunch of loot for me and the niece and nephew.

Then I returned the dead car battery in my trunk to Pep Boys.

Then I picked up my hold at the library.

Then I got coffee.

Now I am home.

Loot is spread on the floor, cat is on the floor, looking at me.

Who's enjoying this post? Show of hands.

The dollar store has a lot of jigsaw puzzles. I took note of this but did not purchase.

All righty. I've been thinking about a children's story -- I have a setting in mind and I think it's going to rhyme -- so I think I'm gonna go get to work on that. We'll see. My attention span is kind of, well, not there today.


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