Friday, December 19, 2014

Random thoughtoids

We were sorting toys at work today, for our toy drive, and I noticed that Barbie's bikini is almost more scantily clad than mine. Yeeps.

I actually said, however, to my coworker, that her bikini was more scantily clad than mine, then upon reassessing the situation I realized my bikini isn't actually all that pastor's-daughter friendly...


I sang karaoke at work this week.

That was unexpected.

I sang, with accompaniment, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "My Favorite Things," "White Christmas," and "Go Tell it on the Mountain."

I was sitting there with my lunch in front of me and all of a sudden I was being called to the front of the conference room.

I may or may not have been wearing a Santa Claus apron.

I like to be festive.

I was sheepish upon arrival at the microphone, insisting that my coworker sing with me, wishing there were two microphones instead of one, so that her voice could be heard more clearly and mine less.

But at some point, I'm not entirely sure what prompted it, but I grabbed the microphone and flew solo.

Like Rudolph. Flying. With his nose sticking out. Literally.

Today at lunch a coworker said I have a beautiful singing voice, and that surprised me a little bit, since I was being pretty silly and have a cold. But hey. I'll take it.


I'm doing a lot of side traveling when I travel home for Christmas this year. We're talking coverage of four states.

That's a lot of states in 12 days' time.

Aw, I just realized I'll be home for 12 days of Christmas. That's kind of adorable.

But still annoying that so much driving and relocating must happen. But I suppose it's WORTH IT! to see my grams times two and my sibs and lots of friends. So, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, I will be seeing you soon. And cursing at your temperatures.

I am looking forward to showering the niece and nephew with gifts.


Back to the talk about sorting of toys. I really rely on the ages printed on the boxes of toys in order to figure out which age it's appropriate for, given my lack of children and knowledge of what kind of things they play with.

I'm not sure that was very interesting, but I am just trying to type here, so that you readers have some content to read.


Hmm, OK. I think I'll sign off now. Smooches. Much love, BB

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