Monday, December 1, 2014

The 1,000 List, Installment #3

Three hundred things I'm grateful for, 700 to go! Click here and here for the first two installments of my ongoing gratitude list. Also, if I'm starting to repeat myself with some of these list items...well, then, I'm starting to repeat myself.

201. That scene in "Friends" where Joey accuses Ross of breaking his fridge.
202. Ridges on fingernails
203. Reading to someone
204. Being read to by someone
205. Watching a cat drink water
206. Watching a cat bathe itself
207. Being in bed on Saturday with all the blankets and sheets and lack of rush and responsibility
208. Scarves (with a spritz of perfume on them)
209. The smell of musk/men
210. Seagulls
211. The weight of another (animal or human) on or near me. Amazing the power of this comfort.
212. Riding a train in Chicago
213. Whipping out my Discman on an airplane
214. A really good book to keep me not bored during a flight
215. Vacation
216. A string of several days when I get to see several people who I really love
217. Psychotropic drugs that keep me feeling happy and regulated, calm -- that allow me to be me
218. Noel Crane on Felicity
219. That speech in Jack when Bill Cosby's character tells Jack he's a shooting star
220. The rare sighting of a butterfly -- live and in winged person
221. The scene in Miracle on 34th Street when Santa signs "Jingle Bells" to a girl who is deaf
222. Stickers!
223. Quilts
224. An empty -- or smally populated -- email inbox
225. Sara Evans' song "Stronger"
226. The fact that onion rings always make me think of my mom and my childhood
227. Disposable, paper bowls (I'm serious - it dates back, I think, to a grade school party I had involving ice cream sundaes)
228. When the opening credits -- music and pictures -- for Felicity start
229. Tomato soup
230. Fish sticks and ketchup
231. A bland breakfast with coffee
232. A sweet breakfast with coffee
233. Toast
234. The humidity that forms on the glass pane of the door when I start the dryer
235. Plain oatmeal
236. Oatmeal with pecans and dried fruit
237. A good day at work. No annoyances, fun coworkers. Either a highly productive day or one where I can get away with doing little.
238. Stale marshmallows
239. Roasting marshmallows by a fire and washing them down with beers. Particularly with my cousin David (a memory that may not be repeated, but it was a sweet one).
240. Quoting Cool Runnings with Corie and Riley
241. Ordering pizza
242. Watching the Home Alone movies with Riley or Jeff
243. A toddler in my lap
244. A baby in my arms
245. Smiling at a baby slung over the shoulder of a parent in a row in front of me at church
246. Avocado that is soft enough that it spreads across bread like butter
247. Clipping my fingernails (and pushing back my cuticles)
248. Watermelon
249. Romance
250. An encore
251. Live music
252. A burger from Five Guys with "everything" and jalpenos
253. Seeing a great movie in a theater, with popcorn, Junior Mints, soda, [and a friend]
254. Lunch dates with my coworker Shonna
255. Seeing my coworker Carrie afresh every morning
256. Walking across the hall to Carrie's office to gush about my cat and her dogs and how much we can't wait to see the animals we left at home mere hours before
257. Orange juice
258. Scott Speedman's smile
259. Benjamin McKenzie's smile
260. Javier on Felicity
261. French fries with room temperature ketchup (bonus if eaten seaside)
262. Blackberries with a little sugar sprinkled on them
263. Strawberries dipped in powdered sugar
264. Honeydew -- when it's perfectly ripe
265. A perfectly ripe pear
266. Tearing through a book
267. People who smile as much as I do
268. Thoughtful people
269. Funny people
270. Building someone up
271. Addressing a group as "Party People"
272. The phrase "Are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?"
273. Sticking my face in a kitty's belly
274. Running
275. Whipped cream on coffee
276. Whipped cream period
277. A great coffee date, with a friend or a family or a boy
278. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle
279. Live music
280. A beer on tap
281. This: "Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." -- Khalil Gibran
282. Christmas stockings
283. Index cards
284. Wet hair, air drying
285. Saturday mornings
286. Friday nights
287. Watching hair tutorials on YouTube
288. Karaoke
289. Shopping at Fresh & Easy
290. Sushiiiiiiiiiii
291. Roller skating at old school (are there any new school ones?) roller rinks, carpeting and hot dog smells and all
292. Making friends with people on the single pretense that we attended the same university (and I suppose the other pretense that we live in the same geographic location thousands of miles from the university)
293. I don't do it anymore, but I always loved doing math homework
294. That feeling of peace and calm that hits a few minutes after a long run
295. All those glorious items one doesn't need at Target
296. Finding a gem of a book in a used bookstore
297. Hand-me-down clothes, especially from friends I love
298. Rainy days in LA
299. The way a knit sweater feels on a chilly day
300. Water, in its many healing and soothing forms

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