Thursday, March 26, 2015

We went from yogurt to babies really quickly

I'm a good cook, Y'all.

Currently I am partaking of a bowl of:

vanilla yogurt
honey & flax granola clusters (from Fresh & Easy, my FAVE grocery store)
& cinnamon


You're jealous, I know.

And drooling.

And may I just say the blackberries are perfect. Not over or underripe, and those little balloons of fruity flesh just pop in my mouth. Not mushy. Not sour. Just. Perfect.

Mmmmmmmm (again).

I love being healthy. When I am. Otherwise it's beer and pizza, you know it is.

And I love that you can heap things on/in yogurt and oatmeal. Fruit, nuts, cinnamon, chocolate. Just pile it in. I'll remember this for when I have kids. That sounds like a fun activity, yes? Just let them sprinkle -- or dump, as it were; they're kids, after all -- whatever they want onto their breakfast. Also I never ate yogurt as a child, and had to acquire the taste, so if I can start my kiddos young, then so be it.

Look at me, talking about unborn children.

I've been doing that a lot lately.

I was carrying a bunch of heavy, awkward stuff, and I made a comment about it being practice for when I have toddlers and have to carry them and their diaper bags.

What is happening, people???

I'm not entirely sure (though I have theories), but I don't totally hate it.

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