Monday, March 23, 2015

In a stupor (this is what happens when you play too hard at Disneyland)

I just looked at my finances.

Well that was depressing.

And probably not the best move on a Monday.


After going to bed at 1:30 a.m. the night before.


And I'm going to Hawaii. (Money) things are only going to get worse.


I'm eating my favorite breakfast thing. Vanilla yogurt with bananas and cinnamon.

Every time I prepare it I take a bite and think, "Yummm!"

Every time.

Needless to say not sick of it yet.

And I guess this confirms that the vanilla-cinnamon combo of life is a worthwhile one.


Also enjoying my morning coffee. And by enjoying I mean sucking it down.

It is needed this a.m.

Because Bailey Kathleen had a late night. In fact. So late. That Bailey Kathleen went to bed not last night, but rather...this morning.*

I know.

I know.

But we went to Disneyland. And it was the bomb.

And we got a late start to our happiest day at the happiest place.

On earth.

I bought a souvenir I maybe shouldn't have (a mug from awesome o possum tiki bar Trader Sam's) and a sweatshirt I've been eyeing since, I believe, my first ever trip to Disneyland three years ago.

(It's black and has Minnie's body/dress on the front, and the hood...has ears on it! Gush.)

Shortly after the sweatshirt purchase, we saw Minnie -- in the fur -- and I took my picture with her.

In my Minnie Mouse tee (different from the sweatshirt. Yes. I'm officially in Minnie Mouse shirt collection mode).

And my Minnie Mouse ears.

And... Minnie Mouse blinged out bedazzled crystal necklace.

I'm a little ashamed right now.

At least Alex thinks it's cute.

Also I'm 29 going on 5. And 85. Equal parts.

*I realized upon re-reading this post that I already had told you that I went to bed in the morning. That's how tired I was this morning; causing me to repeat facts.


I've been working on my memoir, as I told you in a previous post, and it continues to be boring and arduous.


We had several other adventures at Disneyland yesterday, and many firsts for Ms. Bailey here. Here is the list of firsts:

Ate my first Dole Whip (a pineapple soft serve)
Rode in the very front of the monorail, with the driver
Rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Rode the Alice in Wonderland ride
Did Star Tours
Only made (I believe) two bathroom breaks -- this is far few less than usual

We went to Trader Sam's, the best tiki bar in southern California, and I got myself a souvenir mug and had some delicious drinks and a delicious pork sandwich. Mmmmm. And later I had a jalapeno/cheese stuffed soft pretzel.

It was all about the snacks.

And the Minnie Mouse attire.

But back to Trader Sam's. That place is great. The bartenders are hilarious. Great energy up in there. I first stumbled upon it when it was decked out for Christmas, and have been a big fan ever since.


Friends, I would write more, but I'm fading. I need a nappy nap. And maybe a bath (not simultaneous activities). I just want my kitty, and a brewski, and maybe a book. And/or a nice cuddle.

Over and Out,
The Sleepy Monster

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