Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The 1,000 List, Installment #4!

301. Sweater dresses
302. The feminine feeling of wearing a dress
303. Care packages
304. Blowing bubbles (with bubble gum, soap*, or spit (*soap being the thing forming the bubble, but not, like the gum or spit, habitating inside one's mouth))
305. Cracking bubble gum
306. Pizza with tomato and pineapple
307. Holding a cat like a baby
308. Dioramas
309. A haul of cheap stuff from the dollar store
310. Ben and Felicity's whispered conversations on Felicity
311. Crumpling a piece of paper before tossing it in the trash -- that extra feeling of completion, of "done and done"
312. Time lapse photography
313. Facebook chatting with Abby on Sunday afternoons
314. Bendy straws
315. Feeling Max the cat's nose rub against my thumb, hooked around the wire mesh of the door to his cat carrier.
316. Bunk beds
317. Raindrops on the surface of a swimming pool
318. Fish tacos
319. Looking at old photos -- alone, or with someone who genuinely wants to get a look at my childhood
320. Laughing with family at an old joke/story that never gets old
321. Hugging my brothers upon reuniting with them
322. Getting a kiss on the cheek from one of my brothers
323. Spring
324. Leaves crunching
325. Jumping into leaves, even if it does hurt when I hit the ground
326. A Midwestern fall afternoon, on a Saturday
327. School supplies (and school supply aisles at stores)
328. Fog
329. The way basmati rice curls on the ends when it's cooked
330. Slow dancing with someone who cares for me and me him (particularly with no music = more romantic)
331. The smell of onion and garlic cooking in oil in a skillet -- the pedestrian smell that is the start of something delicious. The culinary possibilities.
332. The way water washes down chocolate -- such a perfect food/drink pairing!
333. Having my toes popped
334. Having my feet touched
335. A makeover from a girlfriend
336. Swapping clothes/getting free clothes from a girlfriend
337. When something on the Internet just cracks me up
338. When anything cracks me up
339. Having the giggles
340. My feet in sand
341. The store locator feature on retail websites. That thing is handy!
342. Dusk
343. Receiving communion from my dad
344. Sunday naps (and the fact that, after years of anxiety, I can finally take them)
345. The Bath & Body Works White Citrus scent
346. The sadly now defunct Bath & Body Works Peach Nectar scent. Never forget.
347. Psalm 139
348. Picking at nail polish, when it starts to bubble around the edges
349. Psalm 91
350. Email. I admit, I'm obsessed.
351. Do it yourself crafts, and cutesty around-the-house projects to add little smiles to corners of my life
352. When PMS STOPS
353. The taste of tepid water after eating ice cream
354. That breakthrough moment while writing an essay when I finally realize what I'm trying to say
355. Lemon poppy seed muffins
356. Ice cold beer at a baseball game
357. When a pedestrian sits down to play piano in an open hall, library, someone's living room, etc.
358. Ocean cliffs
359. Wrapping glass jars in embroidery floss
360. Giving and getting flowers
361. Glass jars
362. I'm yet to attend one that fits this description, but: a baby shower with booze
363. Again, yet to attend one, but: a baby shower without games
364. An egalitarian, romantic relationship
365. Math
366. Tailored pants
367. Skinny jeans
368. Loose, boy-fit jeans
369. Borrowing a giant sweatshirt from a boy I care about; swimming in his sleeves and his affection
370. Lifting weights
371. Playing Foosball
372. Walking on silt, the edges crunching underfoot and collapsing into cracks
373. Mayonnaise and mustard -- on sandwiches, with fish sticks, and with breaded chicken
374. Honey mustard on chicken strips
375. Honey butter on hot rolls
376. Burger King's honey mustard!!! Have you tried it?! It's incredible!
377. The sounds of a basketball game -- shoe squeaks on the court, the band, calls between players, audience chants, the straw in my soda scraping ice cubes in the cup
378. Overhearing football practice on a rainy afternoon
379. Talking with other writers (sometimes. Depending on the writer, of course, and my current opinion of my own work)
380. Lemon in water
381. Factory tours
382. Men in hoodies
383. Men in cardigans
384. Leaving the office at 5 on Friday (or earlier!)
385. Eating fish and drinking wine or beer with my boy by the water
386. Weekends with Alex
387. Seeing Rachael Yamagata live. SO GOOD.
388. You know those packets that you get at restaurants that have silverware, a napkin, and salt and pepper packets? I like that when I use one of those napkins to blow my nose, it smells like pepper.
389. A huge long hike that makes me feel like a total baller
390. Referring to myself as a baller
391. That song that goes, "I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller"
392. Headbands
393. Bobbi pins -- quite a life convenience
394. The way my dad just kind of talks about whatever on the phone -- needing to take the trash out, skiing, the cats...
395. The fact that my friend Stephanie doesn't say she has to "do laundry," but rather says she has "to wash." Not "wash her clothes," just "wash." Precious.
396. My funny friend Jeffrey
397. Spaghetti sauce jars
398. Gathering sand, rocks, and shells from the beach
399. Slowly pulling out the threads of sewn-shut pockets on nice garments -- suits, slacks, etc.
400. A good hearty sneeze

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