Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Iris

Every Wednesday Bailey's Starbucks store gets a shipment of inventory.

Thus, every Wednesday the back room of the store fills up with boxes.

And every Wednesday Bailey fights the tremendous urge to build a fort.

Yesterday Caleb, my newest coworker, said, "There is a huge shipment in the back!"

I didn't hear him correctly and asked, with alarm, "A CHICKEN?!"

Ever since then Caleb and I have been rotating sitting duties of the chicken. "Caleb, the chicken is making a mess, go clean it up." "Bailey, the chicken misses you." We have also confused every other coworker in mentioning the chicken. Many people really thought there was a chicken in the back room.

Today I asked Caleb what we were going to name the chicken. He immediately decided on Iris, which I quickly vetoed, but once he used it three times it had effectively grown on me. I gotta admit, every time we talk about Iris, I really wish there was actually a chicken in the back room.

1 comment:

  1. If you realy do get a chicken for the back room, let me know and I will come to visit.