Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Giggle Hour

When I was a kid, there was a part of every day in my household declared to be "The Giggle Hour." The Giggle Hour would not exist were it not for me. This is because, at some point each day, I would be susceptible to crack up at anything and everything. After laughing at about three things in a row, my parents and my brothers would shift their eyes to each other with smirks on their faces and say, "Uh oh. It's the Giggle Hour..." Over time, if they simply said that, announcing the Giggle Hour, my hysterics were just fed. It was like they were giving me permission, "Okay Bails, go ahead and get it out of your system."

My favorite was when I would be laughing so much my brothers could just say my name and I would lose it. It became entertainment for them, really. "Hey Pat, watch this...'Bailey'...[endless giggles from me]"

The worst--for the family, probably, but the most fun for me--was when we were on long car trips. There's no escape from the Giggle Hour when you're in a vehicle flying down the interstate to Grandma's.

I still have the Giggle Hour at this age (and God, I hope it never leaves me--it rocks!). Just yesterday at work I was telling my coworker, Marcus, a story, and I could hardly say the words because I was laughing so hard. Marcus, of course, replied with a blank, "you're a freak" stare.

I called Marcus "bro." I said, "Thanks, bro," or something like that. Marcus apparently does not like to be called "bro." He told me that if he were wearing certain clothing, including a sideways cap, then I have permission to do so. Noted. So I told him about a teacher my brother Patrick had in high school, whose students used to address as "bro." And Patrick's teacher would reply, grumpily, "I am not your bro!"

Seriously, people, I am cracking up right now typing this. This is hilarious, I don't know what is wrong with Marcus.

Well I was trying to do my impression of my brother doing an impression of his teacher, for Marcus. "I am not your bro!" And Marcus continued to stare back. Which is another element of the Giggle Hour. Only Bailey giggles. Others spectate. They should bring popcorn, really.

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  1. Giggling is, without a doubt, my favorite activity of all time. And, like for you, I'm afraid most people just don't understand. Shame.