Friday, November 13, 2009


I buy fresh cut flowers for my home. Not very often, mind you, because I don't make a lot of money, but I figure why not? Reasons:

1. I don't have a boyfriend purchasing me flowers. I am always (well, usually) open to this changing, but until I have one I think I have to do the flower purchasing myself.

2. They brighten the home. Cliche point, yes, but quite literally true.

3. They are natural, and bring the outdoors inside. I believe it is good to be reminded of creation outside of myself. We take trees, grass, the sky, for granted all the time, but when you think about how these things grow and exist, and really stop to look at the parts of a flower and marvel at its anatomy and biology, it is truly humbling.

4. I like them.

5. I don't have anyone besides a boyfriend purchasing me flowers. Occasionally, yes, but few and far between. I belieeeeve...the last I received flowers was my college graduation, from my family, so we're approaching a three year anniversary of that date rather quickly (which, please, let's not discuss that depressing fact of how many years I have been out of school). I don't resent others for not purchasing me flowers, because they're expensive!, and if someone wants to give me flowers I want it to be a genuine motion, not because I asked them to buy them for me.

6. Reason 6 partially contradicts Reason 5, but certain flowers are cheap. Carnations, which I'm not a huge fan of, and even roses if you just buy a few, and DAISIES. White and yellow common daisies are my all time fave, but there are bright pink, yellow, orange gerber daisies that are gorgeous. And daisies last forever. I bought my college roommate Stacy some once and I don't think they died for a month. (We were pretty amazed at this discovery.)

7. They can go a long way. I usually leave a whole bouquet or cluster of a few flowers in one room, but if you get little bud vases (or just get creative and use any container--oh my goodness, I just realized this is turning into a Martha Stewart post) you can spread them all over your house. Place them on nightstands, windowsills, next to your computer. This is especially heartwarming to your guests if you have any. And you should invite guests if you are going to have Martha Stewart flowers, because Martha thrives on entertaining.*

8. It's simply refreshing to walk out of the grocery store with something besides milk, bagels, mac & cheese, gum. A bouquet of flowers in your cart, or tucked in your elbow makes people curious. They wonder who you are giving them to, and I get a little satisfaction out of knowing I am giving them to myself. And I always secretly hope I am inspiring them to buy a flower or two themselves.

*I just have to let you all know that I have a coffee mug that I use often that says "Martha doesn't live here." This mug is really the more realistic representation of my level of domesticity than my flower buying. Just had to clear that up.

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  1. Ignoring the wedding (which doesn't count because 1. I bought those and 2. washable flowers don't count), I think you were the last one that bought me flowers! And it was disturbing how long they lasted...

    Miss you!