Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom Bacall

As I type this blog post at my computer, my mom is in bed in the same room, watching a black and white movie (one of her favorite pasttimes, definitely not one of mine). We are in the same room, because, ta dah! My parents moved back in with me yesterday. We have shared spaced for 24 hours now, and so far so good. Here is our first clash, however:

As I mentioned, she is watching an old b&w on the telly. She got very excited at the particular Lauren Bacall film that's on, and so turned up the volume. A lot. I am sitting very close to the TV; Mom is farther away, propped up at a distance with the remote. After a couple of minutes the volume that was probably appropriate for her started to blow me out of the water. I am also trying to think of a post topic and am not good at multitasking, i.e. tune out black and white film and type blog post at the same time.

I turned to Mom to ask her to turn down the volume, and she was asleep.

"Mom," I whispered a few times. Her eyes flicked open. "Can you turn it down a little bit?...Especially because you're unconscious?" She smiled. "Is that so you can hear it in your dreams?" I added.

"I was listening to it!" Sleeper McSleeperson claimed. Sure...

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