Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Sweaty Life

I am working on a new phrase.

"Sweat life."

We have sex lives, love lives, work lives, family lives, etc. What about the sweat life? I thought of this on my way to the gym this evening. Think about this. How often do you discuss exercise, even if you're not currently exercising regularly? A lot. Examples: "Ah, I haven't worked out in foreeeeever." "I went to the gym last night, ran a mile, and I am so sore. I will not be going back for a while. Who's up for pizza tonight??" "I really shouldn't eat this, I'm certainly not burning off the calories to deserve it."

I do not want my new phrase to replace the already popular, "How's your health?" "How's your health?" is way more encompassing than my (soon to be popular) ice breaker. Inquiring about one's overall health includes diet, vigor, sleep depravation, and if you ask and/or answer that question the way I do, then it includes mental health as well. I want to emphasize that "How's your sweat life?" should be a stand alone question, all its own.

This morning at work Stef and I discussed her sweat life (Sweat Life? Is it okay to capitalize this yet?) yet didn't have a catchy, abbreviated title for what we were doing. Tomorrow we will. She did ten push ups and was feeling pretty ridiculous for being as sore as she was.

Since you asked, my sweat life is going pretty well. I was running around four miles a day this summer, then my ankles started to hurt so I switched to swimming, then I got sick and then I got lazy and have just recently returned to the gym, fueled mostly by boredom. I did yoga on Monday, and ran today and Tuesday. Feels pretty good, thanks for asking.

See, isn't this fun, discussing our sweat lives?? Now go! Ask your coworker, spouse. Call your mom. "Tell me, how's your Sweat Life?"

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