Friday, March 5, 2010

Forward Motion

I have officially received my first acceptance to a graduate journalism program.


One of the top in the country, I might add, but I am not bragging (okay maybe a little bit), only in awe that I should be so blessed to be accepted.

To celebrate, the fam and I had pizza and beer, and we watched an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati. Significance? Little known fact: I was named after the character Bailey Quarters on the show, who just so happens to be a journalist herself. In tonight's particular episode Bailey was not present (Craig Ferguson quote: "I know!"), but Andy received mouth-to-mouth resuscitation atop Bailey's desk, so she was certainly not forgotten, and there were a couple good cameos of her name placard. As viewers we also took note of the rainbow sticker on Bailey's desk, and decided that perhaps I should adorn my own desk with a rainbow sticker. I wonder where Bailey was during this particular episode. Out on a very important assignment, no doubt.

Perhaps to get her Master's degree...



  1. wowie zowie, great job!!! are we having to wait in limbo to hear who it is that has so awesomely accepted (of course!!) your wonderfulness? maybe i'll get the scoop tomorrow...

  2. Hooray Bailey! Where is the school?? I hope it's on the east coast somewhere... :)

    Also, I'm passing on an award to you on my blog. Like, right now. Because you're so darn cute and happy about life.