Thursday, March 18, 2010

[Gold] Star

I am always a little shocked when people call me an over achiever. Millie called me one just this week. I think that maybe I am an achiever, but not one of the "over" variety. We'll just call me a bare-minimum achiever.

Basically, I do what is asked of me. On occasion I stretch my creative abilities, but that is usually because I like to, not because I've allotted extra time to do so in order to impress others or pass people up.

I just finished scrolling through about 60 research and teaching fellowship opportunities for school next year, and I am feeling rather overwhelmed. I feel that a true over achiever might feel energized after such a task. Sure, he or she might be hopped up on caffeine, anxious, and worried about pleasing his or her parents, impressing an instructor or other adult mentor, etc. But I doubt his or her overarching thought would be, "I really have to pee," which is what mine currently amounts to.

I sent my brother Kelly an email during my scrolling, asking him to remind me to send him my tax info (as he volunteers to do my taxes because 1, he's really nice, and 2, he's kind of a geek and enjoys it) after the applications for the aforementioned fellowships are due. You know, because I'm a little stressed out with Task A and am not ready to move on to Task B, and am certainly not ready to place Task B before Task A. Kelly asked me to send my info today, which I highly doubt will happen.

Don't you believe that an over achiever would have already postmarked her tax info to her brother weeks ago (or, like my brother Riley, already sent his taxes to the government after insisting on doing them on his birthday??? Seriously, was I adopted?)? And really, I mean really, don't you think an over achiever would be doing her taxes herself, rather than outsourcing the chore?

I think I have made my case. Bailey, Achiever. Creative, yes. But only moderately, not over achieving.

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