Thursday, March 11, 2010

I love Sheldon!!!

I have renamed the cat. His new name is Sheldon, in honor of my favorite cutie pie Sheldon (Jim Parsons) on the show The Big Bang Theory. Riley does not enjoy the name change, as when I first informed him of the name change he kept saying, "Quit calling him that!" He also argued that Sheldon (formerly known as Dibbs or Dibby) has "nothing in common with Sheldon [Jim Parsons]," to which I answered, "WRONG." Sheldon hates people, and aside from me, Dibby/Sheldon also hates people. They have everything in common.

This evening my Mama got sick at her Spanish class, too sick to drive home, so she called me and Dad to rescue her. I had just let Sheldon out on the back deck, and figured he would be pretty cold after an hour outside, so I went immediately outside to let him right back in. Sheldon ran to the left, away from me. I followed. Sheldon ran to the right. I followed. Sheldon again ran to the left, this time swooping back into the house through the open door, and I said, "Thank you. That's where I wanted you to go." Sheldon really just didn't want me to pick him up. I'm pretty sure he forgot that he ever wanted to be outside once he got back inside. I worship that animal, but I never said he was smart.

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