Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 1 in the homeland

Well, after snuggling with the kitties upon my arrival yesterday, some TV, dinner and beers with Mike and the (my) 'rents to celebrate a semester under the belt, I found myself at...


With more than four weeks ahead of me and little to no direction or goals.


It occurred to me today--and by "occurred to me" I mean freaked me out--while I was reading at Starbucks that if I go to a coffee shop to read every day I could lose my mind. Or get extremely depressed. Either way, I don't like those options.

It also occurred to me I might have to get glasses after finishing all my reading for this class next semester.

I do like that option. Glasses are sooooo cute!

Well I left the coffee shop to go work out, and thanks to a punch card from my mom, I didn't have to go outside to do it, and I could be more cardiovascular than my pilates DVD or yoga VHS would allow.

So my goals over break, for each day, are to:
  1. Set an alarm (aka, get up before 11:30)
  2. Exercise (most days--it's not healthy to work out heavily every day, peeps)
  3. Read
  4. Get PEOPLE time
I hope through these activities I will not lose my mind, nor get depressed.

But if we have to go to LensCrafters and pick out some green frames, okay. :)

It doesn't hurt that I have three felines romping about. Yogi is currently batting at the mysterious cursor and purring.


  1. I know what you can do.....hang out with me! At least on weekends or in the evening. :)