Friday, December 10, 2010

White female seeking grilled cheese and a nap

I am so miserably tired right now.

(Sorry, Dale, it's another post about how tired I am, but this is really bad right now.)

Except for some social breaks to maintain my sanity/sleep/quick TV breaks, I have been working on papers for the last three days. Tuesday was a full reporting day, I hardly remember Monday, but I had class most of the day.

Make it stop!

I have a dinner date with gal pal Mary later--yay :)--but I hope I don't glaze over while we're talking due to extreme exhaustion.

I am working on this final paper in the same spot where I slept. After snoozing my alarm for over an hour, I sat up and grabbed my computer. I'm unwilling to get out of bed, even if I do have a paper due at noon. The J-School cannot win every battle in my life.

I just realized a grilled cheese sandwich sounds really good, but the bread in my fridge has been there since August.


I suppose delivery pizza was invented for a reason...

Seriously, though, I'm having a hard time recognizing what day it is, and the more tired I get the more paranoid I become about my mental sanity. Ridiculous, I know, but for some reason this has been the status of my twenties. I'm hoping I'll outgrow it when I graduate to the next decade of years.

Okay. I should probably get off the blog. Wish me luck on paper 3 of 3. This one's about gender roles in magazine advertisements. Yesterday's was about mobile phone apps, and the day before that was Sesame Street. Isn't journalism so multi-faceted?! I'm sure this blog post has encouraged you to apply to the program...

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  1. I'm right there with ya on the paper writing. They never stop =/ Good luck!