Thursday, December 30, 2010

Familial Comfort

I think we're all getting a little too comfortable with each other.

This morning Caitlin pulled all of the covers off of me, took the pillow from underneath my head, smiled "sweetly" and said, "Good morning, Bailey!"

The kittens watched me take my shower.

I went downstairs in search of my toothbrush and caught a glimpse of my brother Kelly's butt (thank God I didn't see anything else).

I had his wife Jenny retrieve my toothbrush out of the bathroom while Kelly was in the shower, then went up to Patrick and Jenny's (different Jenny, same name) bathroom to use their toothpaste.

I went back down to Kelly and Jenny's bathroom (after Kelly was dressed) to put on my deodorant while Jenny dried her hair. Kelly and I mooned each other. Why? Do you need a reason?

I was informed that we were taking my car to Grandma's, which was of course filled with--ahem--stuff, and Caitlin started grabbing pieces of trash and banana peels (yes, plural) and taking them to the dumpster, while I yelled at her for not recycling the plastic bottles and she yelled back in regards to the handfuls of mystery, "Say goodbye!" and then rambled on about E. coli and the plague growing in my car.

You know, Caitlin, if you would have given me more than three minutes notice that we were taking my car to G'ma's, you never would have known about all the things in there. And I'm pretty sure you never thanked me for the ride.*

In the afternoon, while playing on the playground, we took a pic of all the sibs going down the slide together. The picture broke up when someone farted.

Then we were taking another sib pic on a bridge and Patrick said, "You look pretty in the sun!" and then took pictures of me like I was a model on a photo shoot.

After that I sat in Kelly and Jenny's laps while Grandma played the piano. This too ended with a fart.

All day long we teased the couples about who was responsible for creating the next grandchild (I would put Riley and Caitlin's proposed wedding date here as a time for them to enter the runnings, but they don't want to jinx it).

And of course, like always, there was lots of butt smacking throughout the day.

This is probably why our yearly Christmas celebration only lasts a few days, because eventually someone can no longer handle all the conception jokes, potential mooning, etc. And every year the comfort levels, and thus the jokes, seem to increase a notch.

...thanks in no part to me...


I just gave Belle her bedtime bottle, and I tried to burp her afterward to bring her into the circle of bad behavior, telling her to burp like Grampy (and Aunty Bailey), but she cried for Daddy. I heard her burp yesterday, so I know she's got the potential in her.

*Caitlin and I don't hate each other, we show our love through increasing sarcasm. We are discovering it sometimes makes the brothers uncomfortable, who ask us to stop fighting. This from a bunch of mooners.

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