Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tantalizing New Hobby

I would like you all to know that in my procrastination/general avoidance of scholarly work, I have managed to organize the bookmarks in my web browser.

With folders.

Ooh, folders...

I have also thus far avoided beginning the process of teaching myself to knit--something that is currently on the brain as a tantalizing new hobby.

I also would quite likely be experimenting in bread baking right now, but I do not have yeast, so that plan has been halted. Mike suggested substituting chocolate, to which I responded with a look.

To which he responded, "What?"

So I'm doing better than I could be.

I did spend money at the mall on Friday that didn't all need to be spent.

But c'mon now, this isn't a contest.

Is it Friday yet? Can I eat Christmas cookies and watch Christmas movies and cuddle with Dibby all day?


Okay, fine, but don't expect me to be a full time workhorse either. Some of my best procrastination happens at the end of semesters. Just wait and see what I can do.

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